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How can you find SCD on Amazon?

What’s The Trick?

We are happy to show you how you can view all of the products that are currently for sale under the “So Cool Designs” brand (and any other brand) on Amazon!

On the website we’ve featured a small portion of our Amazon products.  But you really need to see them all!


After learning about brand searching here, be sure to read our newest discovery!  Finding Us On Amazon and a little more detailed here:  Amazon Quick Search Tip

As shown below; When looking at a list of designs, our Brand Name is black and not clickable.  However, if you go into any listing, you will see that the Brand Name is in blue (see second image) and it is clickable!

If you click on So Cool Designs from within a listing, you will be taken to all of our products, under that brand, that are currently for sale on Amazon.

Find everything from SCD.
Non-Clickable Brand Name
Find everything from SCD.
Clickable Brand Name

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