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Have you ever had to organize and purchase for a group? You end up having to stock and keep track of all of the sizes and options, and then manage who got what. Plus you could be out the cash until everyone pays you back! With my Personalized Group Service you don’t have to do ANY of that! What I have to offer you is a completely hands off option to provide (typically, not not necessarily, t-shirts) to your employees, students, family, and more!

This is ideal for school clubs, family vacations, and business promotion!

Read on to find out how you can do this for free!

Let me give you some examples of just how cool this is:

Let’s say you teach yoga in a studio or community center that has 3 yoga instructors. You want to make it fun for your students, keep them engaged and invested. Students inevitably have a favorite yoga teacher. Well, hello “TEAM ALICE” and “TEAM SUE” and TEAM MICHAEL!

Simply put, if we want to use the studio logo, they would have to provide me with a png image file and letter giving me permission to use it. THEN you put together a flyer, tell the students that the winning team by the 1st of next month (or whatever you choose), gets a perk. Free sticker, pat on the back, whatever you choose. All they need to do is purchase a Prime eligible t-shirt on Amazon via a private link and wear it the week of…

Maybe you’re not about competition. Maybe you just like the idea of having a walking, talking advertisement! That works the same way! You encourage their participation by giving them something. Anyone who wears your t-shirt on the final day of class gets a $5 credit that they can use for their next round of classes. Now you have someone wearing your business around town (because everyone wears t-shirts) and you’ve helped insure that they’ll be back again next session.

This works for clubs, piano teachers, offices, retail stores, service companies, booster clubs, anyone! You are free to go as large or as small as you like. Your link is private, so you can stop and start again if you like. There are so many options!

Do you employ pizza drivers? Do they wear your shirts? No stock required! Just give me your logo or I can create one for you. You can order it for them, or you can have them bring you a receipt for reimbursement.

Promote your business! I can set up a scan code (also known as a QR Code) that you place at your register. Your customer scans the code with their phone and they’re taken directly to a private listing. They can show you that they purchased right then and there, and/or anyone who comes in wearing your shirt gets an automatic 5% discount!

Note that a link will also be provided as the QR Code is free, but it is not guaranteed.

Family Reunion or Family Vacation. Not only will everyone be wearing the same fun family design, but they order it themselves. They pay for it, and they choose the size. Done.

Fun family picnic! While they are most popular, you are not limited to t-shirts. We have tank tops too! Most product types that you see in our Amazon Store are available as a group or business item.

Cheer Squad! You’re heading to State and you all want to wear the same shirts! Every girl is responsible for purchasing her own!

YouTuber, influencer, on-line coach, etc. Wear your shirt in your video and send your followers to buy it!

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This could be your happy customer!
Custom Group Orders
Celebrate Group Events!

I could go on and on because the opportunities are endless!
If you would like assistance brainstorming, by all means,
contact me (Facebook Messenger).

So what’s the catch? Well, there really isn’t one!

We already know this makes sense, but now let’s talk about dollars. Unless the t-shirts are priced above $19.99, there is precious little profit in the sale of the shirts. If you are looking to profit, that will depend on the promotion tied to the shirts.  You profit from the advertisement campaign specifics that you put in place! Even if you are using them for uniforms and reimbursing your employees, this model saves you money and time.

Normally there is a set-fee anywhere from $500 and up for this type of service. Depending on how we set this up, my fee will be no more than $100 and I may charge you nothing! If you send me a design and tell me that you want a private, Prime eligible, Amazon listing link, and all I have to do is create your listing, there is no charge. I am paid when the shirts sell.

Remember, this is not necessarily a money making venture in itself. It is an awesome awareness campaign that costs you nothing!

Situations where there might be a fee:

If you want the shirts to be higher or lower than $19.99, we will discuss options and you will be charged a one time set-up fee which will include record keeping and reporting.

If you want me to design your shirt; anything more than adding simple text, your logo, and/or a simple image, you will be charged a small one time design fee.

It is important that I note that I will not list Disney or Micky ears or any other trademarked content without written approval from the creator/trademark owner.