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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have always believed in being honest and transparent with everyone. In my opinion, that’s the only way to be.

Disclaimers and Answers to Questions You Might Have

Do you use affiliate links?

Yes, if I can!  The vast majority of my product links will be affiliate links.  There is absolutely no additional cost to you for using my links and I greatly appreciate you helping me in this small way.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are referral links. When an affiliate recommends and/or refers a customer to a product or service, and a purchase is made, the affiliate typically earns a small payment.

Do You See My Personal Details?

Nope. I don’t see any personal information i.e name, email, address, credit card, etc. The only thing I see is that an anonymous user made a purchase on date/time and which product they bought. Etsy is an exception, and in that case I still do not ever see your payment information.

Can I buy a shirt I see here?

Absolutely!  I’m here to help YOU express yourself and find fun gifts to give and to get. Many products shown here will now link you directly to Amazon where you will find gender, color, and size options.  Then you can make your Prime eligible purchase on Amazon!
If a product here doesn’t link directly, please search Amazon for “So Cool Designs” plus a topic (whatever you’re looking for), and click the Prime box on the left.
To add a larger variety of fun products, you’ll find that some products are only available in one of my other shops.  Links to those shops are in the menu in the right sidebar of this page!

What if the color, style, or size I want isn’t available?

Sometimes a color or size is out of stock.  This doesn’t happen very often, but if it does, you will have to revisit the listing.  As stock replenishes quickly, your preference will likely be available again very soon.
If you see a design that you want, and it’s a t-shirt, but you’d prefer a hoodie or sweatshirt; simply search “So Cool Designs” and an important part of the design title (ie. “So Cool Designs” camping) to see all of our current products.  If you still don’t see it, I will be happy to direct you to the correct listing or even create one for you.
Additionally, if you click on a t-shirt, you will be taken to that t-shirt.  So if it’s a sweatshirt picture, there might also be the same design on a t shirt, Popsocket, or something else fun!

Can you make shirts for my business or group?

I would love to make shirts for your business, organization, or group!  As a matter of fact, nothing would make me happier! You can save so much time and effort by having me do so.  Once set-up, I will even provide a private link where your members can purchase for themselves.  This means no more buying in bulk, collecting payments, or having to stock several sizes! Learn More

Can I purchase a custom design?

Absolutely! Send me a message (customer service) and tell me what you need.  Assuming that there are no infringement issues, I will be happy to make it for you!

Do I have to purchase on Amazon?

Yes!  Ok maybe not, well… ok, no.  I link my products to where they are available for sale.  In most cases, that is Amazon, where you can enjoy the many great benefits of being an Amazon customer, including using Amazon Prime! However, if you know that you want a different product and you don’t see it, let me know! I will set you up with what you need.

What’s Up With The Dogs?

I’m really are sorry!  When you see The Dogs Of Amazon, that means that the page is not found.  Either the product has been moved, or removed from Amazon.  I try to keep up with these, but it can be difficult.  If you’re looking for a product and can’t find it, please do let me know and I will be happy to direct you!
If you really love dogs, and want to spend a few minutes, click the link that says “Meet the dogs of Amazon” …they’re pretty darn cute!

What Happens When I Click on an Image?

The majority of my products link directly to Amazon or Etsy!  Once there, you can see the available size, style, and color options.  I have recently changed some of my images to “ads”, which allows links to remain active.

Can You Help Me (and why you might not mind doing so)?

Yes! Please do! You can keep me in mind when you need a great gift, shirts or gifts for your group, and a fun new gift for yourself!
You can also spread the word about So Cool Designs and purchase through my links. Doing so will totally make my day and please know that I appreciate you!

Most importantly Thank YOU for shopping So Cool Designs!