When you’re shopping on Amazon, it can sometimes be challenging to find all products that are available from one Brand.  This is especially true when different types of products are listed in different departments.  Many Content Creators try to group their brands as best they can, and ask shoppers to click on their brand link found at the top of individual listings.  Still, finding 2 types of products that match, for example, isn’t always easy.

And, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to send a football loving shopper to the same place as someone who might be shopping for funny yoga shirts.  Plus if we offer matching items, for instance a lake life design on a t-shirt and that same design on a cell phone grip, because they’re in different categories, they typically won’t show up in the same search.  Even if they have the same brand name.  So try as we may, it’s a challenge to make your shopping experience a simple one.

However, today, I am happy to say that we have discovered the trick and we’re excited to share it with you!  It’s simple really.  It’s basically a simple “old school” type of search.  So here it is:

When searching for So Cool Designs gifts and shirts, it helps to use quotation marks!

Want a funny golf shirt for mom or dad?

Type “So Cool Designs” golf …in the Amazon search bar!

How about Graduation or school related shirts, or a fun Popsocket for the best teacher ever?

Search “So Cool Designs” school

Or try “So Cool Designs” beer …hint: There might be a mom life shirt there!

“So Cool Designs” coffee, Halloween, Christmas, Marijuana …

Speaking of Marijuana, unless you have a direct link (found here or in our social media posts), this is the ONLY way to find Cannabis shirts and gifts on Amazon.

Lastly, since all of our merchandise is Prime eligible, once your search results are displayed, click on the Prime box on the left and that’s it!  Your selections will be narrowed down!

Happy Shopping!

“So Cool Designs”